Laura Dumm

I’ve been in Cleveland all my life and I am a big fan of the city. I worked for a design studio and a few magazines before starting my own graphic arts business (1986). After 20 some years of fun and challenging work I made the decision to close up shop and spend my time doing what I have always loved to do, painting. I call my style “Patternism,” which is breaking down a realistic subject into colorful shapes and patterns. I paint pop/op art patterns inside abstract shapes to define the portrait of a person or animal in such a meticulous fashion that some think it is collage, instead of painted, BUT they are indeed acrylic paintings.

In a two-person show in 2009 I filled a gallery wall with 12 of the cat portrait paintings. Michael Gill of the¬†Cleveland Scene¬†wrote: “The juxtaposition of color and pattern doesn’t strive for illusion the way op art does, but it has a similar eye popping quality.” He also said “as abstract as representational work can be” and “all about color and pattern.” My influences are: pop art/abstract art, children’s art, fabric patterns and quilting.

Traditionally, quilts told a story; they allowed women to have a voice. My paintings use the quilt story/decorative idea, but put a modern super-color-saturated painted spin on it. One gallery owner suggested I look at my paintings through chroma-depth glasses that dramatically separate the hot from the cool colors. Doing this gave me the idea to consider doing a 3-D show, handing out 3-D glasses to people who attend; perhaps for my next “brick and morter” gallery show. In the meantime, feel free to wander through our virtual galleries here. Hope you enjoy yourself and come back often.